Monday, February 28, 2011

Oh Teach Us Lord

Oh teach us Lord,
To number our days;
That we may incline
Our hearts breathlessly,
Unto Thy wisdom:
This day, does
The flower of faith,
Approve with gladness;
What our reason
Can never comprehend:
Even Thine eternity;
Oh Ancient of Days;
Thou art from everlasting,
Oh Lord, my God!


He Draws

He draws, unto Himself,
By the manifestation
Of His love;
That we would pursue Him,
As our heart's desire:
For the Father seeketh such,
To worship Him.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Now has come the age of cold steel;
When the spirits of elsewhere -
Who inhabit the dim land of the wolf,
Are ensceptered for a season.
Magniloquent; contuacious; adept in casuistry'
Questing those hidden in the Bossom of Time.

These hear an untroubled call:
"Let him see who sees;
Let him hear who hears;
Enter the Rock and hide in the dust,
There is salvation in no other,
Nor safety for the soul."

Onward comes the palmer with his springald,
With the voice of thunder; arrousing fury
As if impaled on pain's own blade;
Actuating bloodlust against all that is holy.
The leaguer is ablaze ....... a sound of trumpets;
The awaited hour approaches.

The shields of his mighty men are colored gule,
Mounted warriors are dressed in sable.
The night is enveloped in flashing steel
As they prepare to march;
"Harness the horses and get up ye horsemen,
Don the brigandines and brandish thy cypress spears!"

Chariots shall rage through the streets,
And savage the broad ways,
Scattering to and fro as lightening flashes;
Desolation, desecration, destruction through flaming torches.
Cacophonies of miseries
Through shrouds of murray hue.

While there is yet time: Flee.
He who calls is is well able to protect .......
Well able to provide ....... Know ye not,
It is the time of gathering.
Enter the Rock and hide in the dust;
For alas, consumation is at hand.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Within The Breath

To live a life,
Within the Breath
Of Almighty Jah;
Is a mystery,
Deep, and blessed:
For His many gifts,
As with His love,
Cannot be separated
Away from Him:
They Are Him.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

As We Walk

As we walk;
With lowly guise
And reverent heart;
There comes,
By sweet consent;
The surrender of the will,
In the presence of
A pure and absorbing Love;
Brought close within,
By a life ablaze,
With the sacred glow
Of His everlasting glory.

Podcast 15

Podcast 15:  Israel - Beloved of God is now up @


Monday, February 21, 2011


Cleave unto the Lord;
In the Living, pulsating bonds
Of His Holy love:
Learn to dwell
In His secret place;
That out of His grandeur,
Thy emptiness may be filled,
And thy weakness,
Be made strong.

Sh ' ma Israel

Sh ' ma Israel;
Is from the beginning,
The perfection of beauty,
That cometh out of Zion:
It is the Alpha and the Omega,
Of all truth and faith;
Within its sphere,
Lie all duties;
All righteousness;
All bonds of love;
And all songs of life.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Our deepest thoughts,
Are the ornaments
Inside the sanctuary
Of our soul;
They reveal the climate
Within our beings:
"A a man thinketh
In his heart,
So is he."

Monday, February 14, 2011

From The Roots of Righteousness

"There are delights which the heart may enjoy in the awesome presence of God which cannot find expression in language; they belong to the unutterable element in Christian experience. Not many enjoy them because not many know that they can. The whole concept of ineffable worship has been lost to this generation of Christians. Our level of life is so low that no one expects to know the deep things of the soul until the Lord returns. So we are content to wait, and while we wait we are wont to cheer our hearts sometimes by breaking into song."

A. W. Tozer

New Wine

Who have I,
But Thee, Oh Lord;
In the day when I cried,
You answered;
And strengthened me:
And held me,
With Thine own hand.
Thou art as new wine
Unto my soul;
And Thy righteousness,
Is as sweet honey
To my lips.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Path of Holiness

The path of holiness,
Is a radiant fire,
Burning through
A field of shadows,
And faltering darkness;
Until the Day Dawn;
When it needs no candle:
For the glory of God,
Will illume all things;
And the Lamb of God,
Is the Light thereof.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Stay Yourselves

He is from everlasting,
Unto everlasting:
When there were yet,
No depths, nor heights,
He is, Almighty God;
Even from the beginning
Of His ways.

He led, in the way
Of righteousness;
In the midst of the path
Of judgment:
That He may cause,
Those who love Him,
To inherit life.

Therefore, my beloved;
Stay yourselves, and wonder;
On the Lord your God:
The soul-satisfying realities,
That abide forever;
Cannot be reached,
Through shadows that pass.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Podcast 14: Worship Is Life

Podcast 14: Worship Is Life is now up at

The Indwelling

The indwelling,
Of the love,
And Spirit of God;
Raises and transforms
The whole of faithful living,
Into a celebrative act
Of giving and sharing;
Into the graceful symphony,
Of living worship.

Monday, February 7, 2011

A. W. Tozer

"All things else being equal, our prayers are only as powerful as our lives. In the long pull we pray only as well as we live. One prayer from the lips of the man who has actually heard the heavenly lute play, will have more impact than a score of prayers from one who has only heard that it was played. Acquaintance is always more efficacious than hearsay."

The Faith That Justifies

The faith that justifies,
Is a perturbing thing;
Laying hold of a life:
Capturing the man,
With an intricate finality;
That elevates and purifies
The body and the soul,
Amid the radiant glow,
Of a robust godliness;
Drawing Heaven within sight,
Of his longing eyes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Combat Bunkies

As I know is true of the rest of you; I too have felt a great increase of demonic activity as we approach the return of our Lord. A spirit of lethargy and ennui has ensnared our world as a hunter nets a bird; and we seem only spectators of this headlong plunge into darkness. But we must take heart in the knowledge that He is in control, and that all is as it should be. We are children of the Light, living in a world of darkness we cannot comprehend; our task is to witness of the Light; and to fight the ever expanding darkness in the power and presence of His redeeming blood. To this end, I am thrilled in the spirit that we are about to create a prayer room for spiritual warfare and the battles we know are to come. The chats over the past year, and our constant contact here at CrazyLamb have refined, united, and honed us to a fine edge in His Spirit; well able to stand against the evil ones. We have learned to draw strength from each other, and return it through prayer again unto each other, as is proper within the Body of our Lord. As we begin, God has put it on my heart to repost 2 early writings that may have been to early to have been posted here: one on the powers of prayer; and one on the realities of transformation; so I include them now:

On Prayer

Wisdom enjoins:
As breath is to life,
Prayer is to grace.
Pouring out the soul
To the Father of Lights
In unutterable spasms.
As a freewill offering:
Solemnly; Eternally devoted to Him,
Binding one to another.

Uniting as one,
A hidden Fire
Trembles in the breast.
The burden of a sigh,
The falling of a tear,
When none but God is near.
He delights in infant lips
Entering Heaven on supplication,
Accessing Majesty on High.

Angels in their songs rejoice;
We pray ....... I pray;
Saints unite in prayer.
A source; and an end,
In word, deed, and mind;
We supplicate ....... we receive.
Love to pray ....... pray to love;
We beseech thee Lord,
Teach us to pray.


The cry rings out --- Peace. Peace.
Behold;....... for peace,
I had great bitterness:
Blood on the hands;
Gall on the tongue;
Unforgiveness in the heart.
For the way of peace;
I did not Know .......
Could not know.

Mischief came upon mischief;
Suddenly, in the thick of shadows:
A light ....... Overwhelming Light!
I was without strength -- speechless.
Hubris; perfidy exposed ....... slain.
Inchoation ....... efflorescense ....... metempsychosis:
Promise pierced my soul.
A fresh mind; a pure heart; a new life;
Suddenly Awake!  ....... Astounded!

The Spirit is Life...and Peace,
Flowing from Him; through the Body;
Unto the world ....... Unrecognized;
Unrequited .......It must be so;
"For the fruit of righteousness
Is sown in the peace of them that make peace.
And He who formed the Light
And created the darkness.
Will keep that soul in peace.

A final word; I am proud and pleased to have all of my CrazyLamb family as combat bunkies.


The Stand

Heavenly Father; we come into this place to praise and glorify Thy Name. For Thine, Oh Lord, is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory, and the majesty: for all that is in the heaven and in the earth is Thine; Thine is the Kingdom, Oh Lord; and Thou art exalted as head above all.

We have come together in the name of Yeshua, our risen Lord and Savior who sits on Thy Throne of Righteousness to stand, as Thou has commanded us, against the evil one and those who would do his bidding. The provenance of this prayer, and this room for prayer is the monstrous evil of electronic gangstalking and mind control being employed by the forces of darkness in their efforts to sever all of mankind from Thee. We bring this evil out of the shadows of darkness and into Thy light that we may stand against it and the evil that lies behind and around it; for to shut up is to tolerate; and to tolerate is to approve. Therefore, do we come together in Thy Name, to raise, in Thy power, Thy holy standards of righteousness:

In the name of Yeshua; we call on all powers of His Blood and Thy Spirit in Heaven and in earth to come against this monstrous evil. Gird Thy sword upon Thy thigh, Oh Most Mighty, with Thy glory, and with Thy majesty; send Thou Thine holy angels to harrass, befuddle, and slay them; drive them to exhaustion with a thousand worms in a hundred places; take from them their sanity as they try to steal it from others. We have beheld Thy greatness and Thy lovingkindness; and we know from Thy Word, that no weapon formed against Thee shall prosper; and that You will tread down the wicked as if they be ashes on the sole of Thy feet. Come swiftly Oh Lord; act now, as we, Thy servants assemble here, in the power of Thy Word; Thy Blood; and Thy Spirit; and do dawn our armor and join ranks; holding high our shield of faith; to come against this wickedness in high places. And in this gap shall we stand, Almighty God; in Thy strength, and through Thy power, according to Thy will: for, as it is written, "Behold I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall, by any means, harm you," We believe Thy Word; and Thy Truth is as a song in our hearts as we forray out against the enemy. All praise, all glory, and all honor we give unto Thee Oh Lord.

In all these things to we ask and seek Thy face, in the name of our risen Lord, Yeshua: that name which is above all names.


Powers and Minions

They surround me daily:
Like flowing waters,
Do they compass about me;
They wrest my words,
And all their thoughts
Are against me for evil;
They gather themselves together,
Hide, and mark my steps,
As they wait for my soul.

Shall the throne of iniquity,
Which frameth mischief by law,
Have fellowship with Thee?
Shall they escape by darkness?

The multitude of strangers,
Shall be like small dust;
And the terrible ones,
Shall be as the chaf,
That passes and blows away:
Yea, it shall be at an instant;
As in the suddenness of light,
When they be visited
By the Lord of Hosts,
With thunder and storms,
And the righteous flame,
Of Thy devouring fire:
Then shall the terrible ones,
Be brought unto naught;
While the scorner be consumed,
And all that watch for iniquity,
Shall be cut off.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Joy In The Lord

Some days God is just so good;
That I want to break out in song;
And some days I just do!
But every day; The joy of the Lord
Lifts my soul and my whole countenance.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Driving Through The Storms

Driving through the storms;
My wits hover,
In the consciousness
Of His loving presence;
And all unrest is soothed:
The heaving ocean,
Lodged high in my throat;
Is as an untroubled bayou;
Charmed, and glistening,
In the evening sun.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Old Roman Cross

The old Roman cross knew no compromise; it never made concessions. It won all of its arguments; silencing all opponents: from fully alive, to completely dead. This cross of Christ is the most radical thing ever to appear among men; for all men must face this cross, and do one of only two things: flee from it; or die upon it! This cross effects its ends by destroying completely one established pattern, and creating another - it's own. It never compromises, dickers , or confers; never surrenders for the sake of peace. As we yield to it, it will cut into our lives where it hurts worst, yet where the need is greatest; sparing neither us nor our reputations. Only then, can we rise in a new fulness of life, empowered by the Spirit of the Living God. Amen.