Saturday, July 31, 2010


Living Prayer

Only living prayer,
Keeps the life of man
Clement and humane.
It is the great producer
Of liberty and sympathy:
Trusting in the Father of Lights;
Moving, and acting in Him,
We come openly into tune
With the nature and plight,
Of our neighbor;
For our prayer,
Is common, living prayer;
It is a willful act;
Indeed, THE willful act,
Of the common fellowship.
We cannot even truly pray,
Without passing through ourselves,
Into the individual experience,
Beyond and athwart of us.
Our egoism, and our fear,
Retire before the coming of God;
And into this clearance,
There comes;
Along with our Father;
Our brother.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Will and Prayer

In every act of prayer,
I have already begun
To do God's will;
For which,
Above all things,
Do I pray.
The prayer;
Within all my prayers,
Is Thy will be done.
My prayer;
Is Thy will:
Thou didst create it
Within my heart;
It is Thine,
Even more than mine.
Oh Lord;
Perfect Thine own will
Within me;
As I seek Thy face,
According to Thy will.


Seek Ye The Lord

Seek ye the Lord;
All ye meek,
All those who ordain,
And search His judgments.
Seek His righteousness;
Seek His gentleness;
That ye may be hid
From the eyes of death,
In the Day of His anger:
For He understands
The way thereof;
And He knows
The place thereof;
For He looks, and beholds
To the ends of the earth;
And He sees under
The whole of heaven.
He will ransom thee,
From the power of the grave;
He will redeem thee,
From the sweep of death:
Oh Death;
He will be thy plague;
Oh grave;
He will be thy oblivion.

Hallelujah !!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Point Of Unity

The death of Christ,
Is the providential singularity:
The eternal point of unity,
Between all ages;
All dispensations;
All beings; and all realities.
It is God's masterpiece;
Astounding all the hosts
And powers of the heavens:
Here, all the attributes of God
Find their most complete,
And unclouded revelation;
Here, all the problems
Of rebellion and redemption
Are squarely met and cleared;
Here, the travail of creation,
Meets its answer and key;
Here too, are sown the seeds
Of the Kingdom of God.
The nearer we come,
To His bloody cross;
The more we meditate,
On the offering made there;
The deeper will we be drawn,
Into the mysteries of godliness,
At the Divine center of all things;
And all the more perfect,
Shall be our passion;
 And the more brilliant our vision,
Of the joy that is set before us.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Word

I will show thee; hear my words:
That which I have seen;
That will I declare.
He that has an ear,
Let him hear
What the Spirit says
Unto the congregations.
Thy preachers and evangels,
Have thundered emptiness;
And they comfort in vain:
With lies and slippery tongues,
Have they sickened the heart
Of the righteous;
And strengthened the hands
Of the wicked,
By promising them life.
Thy prophets behold only flam;
Vain and foolish things.
The headmen thereof,
Judge for reward;
The pastors teach for hire;
And the prophets,
Divine for money:
Yet will they lean upon the Lord!
While the flock wanders aimlessly;
Troubled and confused,
Because there is no shepherd.
His anger is kindled mightily
Against the churchmen,
And He will punish the elders:
Night shall be unto them;
That they shall not see Light,
Being forced to feed instead.
On their own delusions.
So too shall the sun
Go down on the prophets,
That they cannot divine;
Light shall be darkness over them:
For the baseborn shall wander,
And resort to vain things;
As there is no truth without God.
Woe unto the idol shepherd
That leaveth the flock!
The sword shall be upon his arm,
And upon his right eye:
His arm shall dry up,
His right eye shall be darkened;
And he shall be;
As if he never was.
Yet, does the Holy One
Know His own;
For the Lord of Hosts
Has visited His flock,
All those called by His name;
To strengthen and encourage.
As a father to his beloved son.
Yea, He will gather His own,
To nourish and to protect,
In the midst of their fold.
And the Lord their God,
Shall save them in that day:
They shall be as
The stones of the crown,
Lifted up as an ensign
Upon His land.
And the wolf,
Shall be no more.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Thou Dost Possess

He is my strength,
And my song;
He is become
My salvation:
For, cursed,
In my emptiness,
Did I come upon
The Well of Samaria;
Give me to drink?
Did I ask of the Master.
Speaking softly,
As He drew, He said,
"Come Unto Me,
And drink of the
Waters of Life;
For he that believes
On Me; shall never thirst."
Oh Master, I replied,
Give me to drink!
Firm, was His grip
Upon my wrists,
As He passed me
The cup; overflowing.
Deeply, and searchingly,
Did He gaze
Through my eyes;
As I drank; eagerly.
Then...ever so gently,
Did He answer;
"Thou hast come;
Thou hast asked;
Thou hast drawn;
Thou dost possess."

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Evil Bow

The evil bow
Through tempest driven men.
Always do the wicked grapple,
At the gates of the righteous:
So many times
Do they sally forth,
So many times to fail;
Dark knights,
Void of hope;
On frustration's blade,


All the fulness of God,
Dwells bodily in Him;
That of this fulness,
We might all partake;
And grace upon grace:
Like repeated rolling waves,
Following one upon another,
Unto the furthest reaches
Of the inbound high tide.
And in this grand fulness,
Of His eternal sufficiency,
Shall we live, and draw our breath:
As the life blood flows,
From the warmth of thy bosom,
Bringing the natural renewal
Of life to each part and member;
So do the empowering tides,
Of life; and of perfect love;
Bursting forth,
From the heart of Christ,
Pulse mightily at the door,
Of all believing hearts.
For He fills all;
And He fills all in all.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Dead Man

Sin has no power
Over the dead man;
Dressed in bewitching guise,
It stirs him not.
Tears and smiles;
Words and blows;
All in their turn,
Fail to awaken a response.
No appeal will stir,
Until he hears,
The shout of God.

"Reckon ye also yourselves
To be dead indeed unto sin,
But alive unto God,
Through Jesus Christ our Lord."
This is our position
In the sight of the Father;
It is for us;
Through faith,
And the Spirit of power;
To take it up,
And make it real.



The Perpetual Dew

Good it is,
When the soul,
Leaps toward prayer;
As a child to mother,
Or wife to husband.

Allow the Spirit;
He who kindled the spark,
Knows well,
How to fan it
Into flame.

Entreating before God,
Illuminates the soul,
With liberty, and a gladness:
Enjoying the perpetual dew
Of His favor

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All Men Thirst

All men thirst for God:
Every human heart gives vent,
Somewhere beneath the breath,
To this unutterable longing.
If the heart would be at peace;
It must heavenward soar,
Seeking to gain hold of the One,
From whom all things come;
That there, it might fold its wings,
To rest, in His sheltered berth.

Living man bespeaks a Living God:
In whom all perfection is focused;
In whom all power infinitely abides;
Beyond whom thoughts cannot pass;
From whom love does not wander;
Who is Light for understanding,
And authority for life's questions;
Purpose, and motive for all doings.
"My soul thirsteth for Thee: my flesh
Longeth for Thee, in a dry and thirsty land."

This pensive, wistful yearning,
For the Life of our life yet survives.
Unrecognized: it is our deepest misery;
An open sore, even unto death.
Accepted, and yielded to: it is,
The foundation and the structure
Of our deepest inner blessings,
And our highest aspirations:
A Fountain amidst the gardens,
From a well of Living Water.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Walk

Care not for success or fame;
Nor dread the moment of failure.
Walk on; day by day;
Fulfilling the task at hand,
Entrusting the final issue,
Into the hands of God.

Tend to the commonest,
And the small things,
As if beneath His eye.
Bear the uncongenial,
And the irritating with grace;
Set to their conquest in love.

We may do all these things,
Through the peace and love of God;
Without brilliance of talent or disposition.
Embody in thy heart and life:
The meekness and gentleness,
The purity and truth of the Lord.

Carefully check impatience,
Uncharity, and insincerity of speech;
Thy life will bear much, much more:
Than rank, with its haughty bearing;
Than wealth, with its golden spoon;
Than genius, with its meteoric flash.

We do more than we know;
Sowing seeds.......starting streamlets;
Living the Truth, openly, before all;
To which some will one day refer,
As the initial spark, that led,
To a whole and wondrous New Life.

It is the way of things,
According to His natural law;
One seeds, another waters;
The Father gathers.
The fruits of our labor, therefore,
Are truly known only to Him.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Partake Of The Word

Partake of the Word,
In the Spirit, and in prayer;
For the soul trieth His words,
As the mouth tasteth meat.
If a cluster of heavenly fruit,
Hangs within reach: gather it;
If a promise lights upon the page:
Claim its appropriation;
If a prayer tugs at thy heart:
Launch it, as a fine feathered arrow,
From the bow of thy soul's longing;
When truth is revealed:
Entreat that its brilliance,
Shall ever light thy path.
Entwine ye the climbing creepers
Of all thy heavenly yearnings,
About the Divine latticework
 Of His Holy Scripture;
So shall ye possess,
The fullness of His salvation,
And come to proclaim
Along with the Psalmist,
"Oh how I love Thy Law!
It is my meditation all the day."

Sunday, July 18, 2010

As The Day Dawns

As the day dawns,
The Heavenly Father
Tends to His beloved.
He calls upon us,
With holy thoughts
And lofty parables;
With grand anticipations,
And a radiant joy.
He softly shows forth
His lovingkindness,
And His faithfulness:
To satisfy us early
Within His Mercy;
Whereby the Dayspring
From on High doth visit,
And rest upon us;
To restore; to refresh;
To remake anew,
In His quickening Light;
Each and every morn.

 "Arise; shine;
For thy Light is come,
And the Glory of the Lord,
Is risen upon thee"


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Reckon On Him

As we give,
He accepts;
As we open,
He enters;
As we roll back
Life's floodgates;
The glorious Tide
Of His fullness,
Streams in,
Onto the bleak muck
Of the soul;
To restore that,
Which was lost.
Reckon only on Him;
Let Him work,
The sloughy clay,
Need only be pliant,
In the hand
Of the Master;
To His slightest touch,
To be remade,
Into a vessel of service:
Good, and pleasing
Unto his Lord.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

This Constant Metre

What He givest them, they gather;
That they be filled with good.
The eyes of all wait upon Him;
For life makes a claim on God:
Affections arise in all orders,
Within the natural reason of its life;
Provision for all is expected,
And none are disappointed.
"Thou openest Thine hand,
And satisfiest the desire,
Of every living thing."
The wonder, and the mystery,
Yea, the glory of all creation,
Lies not simply in that Divine act;
But within the willing acceptance,
By our holy, sovereign Creator,
Of the attentive bonds of sustenance
Sounding from across the cosmos
For liveliness from the Lord's bounty.
A Keeper of many; a Provider to all;
Tying the countless to the One;
In a wondrous exchange of life for life.
Know ye, that this constant metre;
This grand and infinite oscillation
Of seeking and revealing,
Of charge and recharge,
Of need and of response
Between Creator and creation;
Configures the very fabric
Of His time and space;
And is witness unto
The very sureness of our faith.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Quality Of Mercy

The quality of mercy:
His Divine lovingkindness,
Abides from the beginning;
And it shall dwell firmly,
Even unto the closing.
All of the gleaming attributes,
Of the Divine nature;
All of the stalwart operations,
Of His mighty hand;
Lie within the fulgurant circle
Of His breathless, burning love:
Like fiery, prescious stones.
Enlaid in a glorious celestial ring.

The plenary love of God,
Flowing powerfully; vibrantly,
Out and into His creation;
Is the root and holy ground,
Of all God's character;
The foundation and the impulse,
Of all His weighty acts.
"Thy mercy, Oh Lord, is in the
Heavens; and Thy faithfulness,
Reacheth into the clouds ....
Thy goodness endureth continually....
How excellent Oh my God,
Is Thy lovingkindness."

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Secret

Hidden .......
In the Secret
Of Thy presence:
Light conceals;
When the Light,
Is so bright
As to dazzle.

All they .......
Who are surrounded
By God;
Are lost in the Glory;
And sheltered,
In that Seclusion:
The Secret of Thy Face.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hope springs forth naturally,
In the well watered soul
Of the faithful;
For hope is the fruit of faith:
Faith freely accepts
And believes the Promise;
Hope looks in anticipation,
Forward to its fulfillment.
By faith, are we grafted into Life;
In hope, do we blossom:
For when hope cometh in,
It is a Tree of Life
Unto the craving soul
Of His beloved.

Thou art my hope,
Oh Lord God,
Thou art my trust,
Even from my youth;
Therefore, is my heart glad,
And doth my soul rejoice,
For I know my flesh also
Shall rest easy in Thy hope.

This Man

"But this Man.
Because He continueth ever,
Hath an unchangeable priesthood."
Aaron died on Mount Hor,
And all of his successors,
In mystic procession, followed Him.
Ancient burial grounds,
Are closely packed,
With priests, elders, and teachers;
And the ashes of uncounted shepherds
Are mingled amongst their flocks:
Occupants pass; the office remains.
Yet the Annointed One
Is ever the same:
He does not falter;
Neither does He fail.
Though the world of men
Neither knows nor heeds Him,
His heart is yet undimmed.
Though the age be black with tempest,
And run red with blood;
Still, does His love and mercy
Continually flow and bubble over,
As the thermal towers,
Strung out along the ocean floor;
Which heat cannot scorch,
Nor stinging cold freeze;
Neither can they run dry;
Because they draw their life,
From everlasting sources.

A Little Humor from The Answer Man

Q: Someone has told me that
menopause is mentioned in the bible. Is that true? Where can it be found?

A: Yes. Matthew 14:92:
"And Mary rode Joseph's ass
all the way to Egypt..."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Blood

"This is My blood of the new testament,
Which is shed for many,
For the remission of sins."
The life of the flesh is in the blood:
Certain it is, that impoverished blood,
Signifies tired or decrepid life;
Tainted blood implies corrupted life;
Ebbing blood means waning life;
And shed blood is life,
Poured forth from its source:
The blood is the life;
Therefore, there is nothing in man
More prescious than blood.

When God maketh inquisition for blood;
He remembereth Him: He forgetteth not
The cry of His annointed One.
Who by His own blood entered once
Into the Holy Place for us:
 Innocent blood; without spot or blemish;
Flowing from His thorn-girt head,
That it might atone for sins of thought;
From His hands and feet,
To expiate sins of deed and walk;
And from His side, that it might
Abye the sins of our affections.
He gave all, not as martyr, but as Savior.

The shedding of the blood of the Lamb,
Is an embodiment of the eternal love
In the very Being of the Father: freely given;
The essential condition for our redemption.
The Mystery of The Blood is a deep mystery:
In which that Blood is yet flowing,
In a perpetual cleansing and feeding;
An Expiatory offering for the ages.
Like a stream in the dessert,
Where it flows; life abounds.
There are three that bear witness,
The Spirit, the water, and the Blood;
And these three agree in One!

A Vision In The Night

Wherefore should the heathen say,
"Where is thy God?
They gather themselves together
Against the soul of the righteous,
And condemn the innocent blood.
Oh! Let Him be known!
For He shall redeem their soul
From deceit and violence:
And precious shall their blood be,
In His boundless sight.

Behold! Ye men of renoun;
The Lord cometh out of His Place,
To punish the inhabitants of the earth,
For disruption and iniquity:
The earth shall disclose her blood,
And shall no more cover her slain.
Then shall the righteous rejoice,
When he seeth the vengeance:
He shall wash his feet
In the blood of the wicked.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Unity In Nature's Temple

A man cannot match
Two faces in a crowd;
Two leaves in the forest;
Or even two flowers
In the woodlands of spring.
To all, it would seem .......
As if the moulds of nature
Are broken and cast aside,
As soon as one result
Has been attained.
And yet, it is this variety,
Which affords infinite enjoyment,
Banishing monotonous melancholy,
And weariness of soul:
A kaliedoscope of beauty;
Formed by a loving hand.

Even so, amid natural pluralism;
There is a marvelous unity:
Every part interlocks,
By subtle and delicate links,
With every other part:
A disturbance anywhere,
Sends a shock of disconcertion
Throughout the whole..
And just as the majestic heavens
Infinitely repeats itself,
In bolder or slighter forms;
So do the same types here recur:
In tree and flower;
In molecule and planet;
In tiny atom and created man.

All of this is because,
When one fully penetrates
Into the heart of nature;
He soon comes across
The Almighty God of Creation:
"Of Him and through Him,
And to Him, are all things."
"There are diversities of operations,
But it is the same God,
Who works in all."
The unity of nature's temple;
Results from having originated,
In the depths of only One Mind;
And from being guided and nurtured,
In the grip of only One Hand:
The Mind and Hand of God.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Forms And Views

All our forms and views
Of the Way of our Lord,
Have their test in prayer.
Lose the importunity of prayer;
Reduce it to a soliloquy,
Or even to colloquy;
Lose the real conflict,
Of will struggling with Will;
Lose the reality of wrestling,
And the hope of prevailing
On our knees with the Father:
Make it a mere walking with God,
In casual friendly talk only;
And, as precious as that may be;
We tend, in time, to lose,
The sublime reality of prayer as
The soul's great interaction with Him.
We lose the food of character;
Leading to the renewal of the will:
We may have beautiful prayers;
But they are as fleeting, and
As ineffectual as simple beauty
Oftentime turns out to be.
Elementary conversational prayer;
If not augmented by substantial
Hours on our knees in importunity;
Turns faith into mere assent,
And belays our abilities to
Truly seek out and lay hold of God;
In the end, we lose both
The intimacy and the reality
Of our faith.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Forever Near

He is forever near to us;
Though we are certain to stray:
Think on our forgetfulness of Him,
And His continual thought of us;
Think on our alienated hearts,
And His unchanging love.
We cannot turn away His care;
We cannot exhaust His compassion;
Nor estrange His guiding hand:
All men, throughout the ages,
Are the objects of these;
"For He maketh His sun to rise
On the evil and on the good,
And sendeth rain on the just
And on the unjust".
This truth attests and projects
A truly radiant picture,
Of His longsuffering patience,
And love; cast to all Creation.

"We love Him, because
He first loved us."

Thank you, Father;

Sunday, July 4, 2010

There Is One

The Exalted Promise,
Which seemed so impossible,
Is Gloriously real!
The many forebodings
Of a corrupt humanity,
Fathom not the power
Of Divine Love.
There is One:
Bone of our bone,
Flesh of our flesh,
Who can be, unto thy soul,
The Object of perfect trust;
The ever abiding home
Of thy deepest affection;
An unfailing supply
Of thy profoundest wants.
There is One:
In whom can be found,
All that thou hast
Vainly sought in men;
A source of all Peace;
And a refuge in the storm:
"It behooved Him,
To be Made in all points,
Like unto His brethren";
That His succor
Might ever be near,
And His guidance sure.
There is One:
The man Christ Jesus;
Being Almighty God,
Manifest in the flesh;
Who exercised, in one act,
The Post of Sacrifice
And the Office of Priest;
Both Creator and Savior;
In Him is the fulfillment
Of the great yearning
Of all creation:
The unification of
The Sacred and the profane,
In the eternal bonds
Of His Divine Love.

There is One:

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Come Unto Thee

Ashened and debilitated;
My soul was faint within me:
I sought for light,
And beheld only darkness;
I longed for the bonds of amity;
To find, there was none.
My conscience did wail,
And cry out in all its wounds,
For cleansing and stanching;
Yet no comfort was found.
My heart, weary of mortal affections;
Yearned for one to rest upon:
All - sufficient, and eternal.
I thirsted, with a thirst,
That was more than desire:
Yea, an anguish, near unto death.
Then, heard I the voice of One
That laid His hand upon me,
And said, "Come unto Me,
And drink; believe on Me,
And I will give you rest."
My heart leaped into my throat;
Leaving my mouth wresting
To form even a word .......
Yet, from the depths of my soul,
Burst forth a cry of instant adjuration:
"Oh Lord", said I, " I come unto Thee!"

The Face of Leadership

"This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
For men shall be lovers of their own selves,
covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient
to parents, unthankful, unholy. Without natural affection,
truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce,
Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure,
more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness,
but denying the power thereof:: 
From such men turn away."

Friday, July 2, 2010

At Close Quarters

We partake of life,
At close quarters
With the fullness of God;
For the essence and savor
Of the Holy One,
Incarnates the life
Of every natural thing;
And is the Living Breath
Of all mankind.
His Being imbues all being:
Every crocus, pushing
Up through the winter's snow;
Every firefly, dancing lightly,
On the evening breeze;
Yea, even the newborn calf,
Leaping, in the raw joy
And exuberance,
Of newfound life.
All thine eye beholds,
Is gloriously filled
With the divine colophon
Of His eternal love.