Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Humble Pilgrim

When the humble pilgrim
On the Way of Truth,
Comes on his journey,
To the Word of God:
He beholds a guiding Light,
And a vibrant wellspring,
Beckoning by the wayside.
He does that which he sees,
So he shall understand,
And find its Truth.
He who is set,
On understanding,
Rather than doing,
Sees only an object
Of stunning beauty;
A jewell to be stored:
For he has not in him,
He who can understand.
It is as if he walks
Under an opium sky,
Raining down soporifics;
So that he is fast asleep,
To all he should wake to see.

There Is A River

There is a river,
That runs gently
Through a bountiful land;
The streams thereof,
Bring joy and gladness,
To the City of God.
It is a serene,
And peaceful place
To pitch our tents,
Beside its purring flow;
Here, shall pass
No hostile force;
Only the rafts
Of the righteous,
As they steadily pass
Unto the city above;
Into the midst of a lane,
Clear as crystal,
From where,
The River of Life
From the Throne of God.

Monday, August 30, 2010


If we love God;
And have our will,
Set to His will;
Our thoughts will fly,
Continuously, to Him;
As turtledoves;
To their Window perch.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

In My Daily Walk

The perfection of worship,
Is not in the revelation
Of my own lacking;
Nor in the epiphany;
And my simple recognition,
Of His magnificent glory;
Nay, it is not even
In the songs of praise,
Powered unto heaven,
On the wings of prayer;
The perfection of worship,
Is in the bold doing,
Of His perfect will,
In my daily walk.

Podcast Is Up!

I have begun a new podcast with readings of my verse and some commentary.
The first episode; Peace, is now posted after much tribulation and just a little foolishness.
Give it a listen and let know what you think. Here is the website:

Be gentle with your comments, remember, we are all friends.

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Glorious Second Coming

The dawn is a beacon,
Of our Lord's lovingkindness;
He makes the outgoing
Of the day to rejoice:
A glorious second coming,
Of Yeshua, our risen Savior,
Takes place every morning,
Within the prayerful soul;
Of His redeemed;
Flooding the heart,
With balming grace;
And drenching the spirit,
In His ageless Truth.
In this lofty inundation,
Are we immersed; lost;
In the abandoned rapture,
Of irreducible union
With the Master, Himself.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

All Who Possess Him

All who possess Him;
All whom the Risen Lord
Has raptly laid hold of;
Have, from the beginning,
Been possessed of Him,
In the sublime unity,
Of His essential love.
And this holy love,
A love unto infinite life,
Is perpetually renewed,
By the vitalizing power
Of the Spirit of God;
For in Him, there comes,
An unremitting new birth,
In knowledge, in passion,
In joy, and in peace;
Through a continual embrace
With the Divine Godhead.
In this contentment;
All the chosen are enfolded:
Angels and men;
From the first,
Even to the last.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


When summer draws nigh,
And the sun is prominent;
It reaps moisture,
Up from the soil,
Through the roots,
Into the dry sprigs,
And tender branchlets:
Hence, comes foliage;
Flower; and fruit.
When the Living Savior
Arises, and ascends,
In our willing hearts;
 It is indeed summer,
In the adornment
Of our love:
He gives His light;
And His heat,
To our deepest desires;
And  induces the soul,
To grow, and bring forth,
The unfolding leaves
Of inward passion;
The manyfold flowers
Of fervid devotion;
And the fruits,
Of thanksgiving and praise.

Monday, August 23, 2010


From the secluded depths
Of the Spirit filled believer,
There springs forth,
A percipient love
Which fills the heart,
And empowers the soul.
Of this yearning love;
Is born devotion to God:
Where the fire of holy love,
Launches heavenward,
The flames of desire;
There is devotion.
Devotion moves and draws,
From without, and within,
Towards the will of Jah;
It tends body and soul,
To blossom in exaltation
And avail before the Throne:
For every devoted life,
Is most holy unto the Lord;
And they shall prosper,
In grace, and in peace,
Who are devoted to Him.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Annuity Of Love

Until perfect love,
Being the Truth of God,
Is able to cast out fear;
It would be well,
That fear should hold:
It is a bond,
However poor,
Between that which is,
And He who creates;
A bond that must
Anon be broken,
By the tightening,
Of an infinitely
Closer, more perfect,
Annuity of love.

The Dragon

The dragon has ascended;
And soars wrathfully,
High above the clouds;
Riding the thermals of chaos,
Searching, and watching,
The ways and goings
Of the sons of Adam:
Seeking prey below.
His eyes are steely cold;
His heart is firm,
As precious stone;
Hard, like the anvil;
When he rises up,
The mighty are afraid:
For he is a king,
Over all the children
Of pride and avarice.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Outer Darkness

To be as if
You never were;
Is to be cast,
Into outer darkness:
The ghastly, vast,
Outland gloom,
Beyond the gates
Of the City of God;
Where evil dogs range.
Silent, as it is dark,
For there is no sound;
Anymore than sight:
For the time of signs,
And senses is over;
Every sense has its signs,
They were all misused.
The man awakes,
From the struggle of death,
Into absolute loneliness:
Not a hint -
Not a shadow -
Of anything outside
His own consciousness,
Reaches to him.
All is dark -
Dark and dumb;
No movement -
Not a breath of wind;
So scents -
Not a touch;
Nothing to suggest,
Being, or thing,
Beyond the man himself;
No sign of God:
God has so far
Withdrawn from the man;
That he is witting only,
Of that from which
He has been excluded:
And that;
There is never to be,
Even the dream,
Of change.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Eternal Need

Communion with God,
Is the one need of the soul,
Beyond all other need;
Prayer is the beginning,
Of that communion;
And some great need,
Is the motive of that prayer:
Our wants, and our needs,
Are for the sake of our coming
Into communion with God:
Our eternal need.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coarse, Earthy Man

Taken in the Spirit;
I regard, coarse,
Earthy, man;
Whose blessings,
Fatefully become,
A curse unto him.
Weary with feebleness,
He calls upon death;
Yet in truth;
It is life he seeks:
He longs for rest;
But death, is not rest.
Low - sunk life;
Imagines itself,
Weary of life;
But it is death;
Not life, it is weary of.
What he calls life;
Is but a menagerie ,
Of living, nesting death:
The death of despair;
The death of failure;
The death of separation;
The unfinished death,
In the fear of discovery;
Or the lingering death,
Of the exhaustion of passion.
He seeks the darkness;
Because, in his madness,
It seems a refuge,
From the encroaching death
Which overwhelms him:
He is a forlorn creature;
Bedeviled, in, and by death.

"The Thief cometh not,
But to steal,
And to kill,
And to destroy:
I am come
That they might
Have life,
And that they
Might have it
More abundantly."

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Prophet Of The Lord

The prophet of the Lord,
Exercises a power of seeing,
As by spiritual refraction,
Truths, not yet risen
Above the human horizon;
He sees, and makes note of,
The analogies and correspondences,
Between the concentric
Regions of creation:
It is the inspired working,
Of a poetic, symphonic imagination,
Pulsating with Divine Life;
Whose part is to foresee,
And welcome approaching Truth;
To discover uniting principles,
In the seemingly unrelated;
And to embody truths discovered,
In forms and symbols;
So as to present to other seekers,
The deeper truths to which,
Those forms and symbols
Owe their being.

Nothing But God

The Light of our life,
Our sole, eternal,
And infinite joy;
Is quite simply:
God -- God -- God;
Nothing but God,
And all of His
Creation - In Him.
He is all, and in all;
And the children
Of His Kingdom know it!
We have witnessed Him,
Through His beloved Son;
We come to know Him,
Through His marvelous Spirit;
We touch His face,
Through the gift of faith.
God is Truth, and Life;
To be in God;
Is to know Him,
And to need no law.

Monday, August 16, 2010

God; The Suffering One

It is because God
Is our Savior;
That Yeshua
Is our Savior;
The Son did nothing,
But what the Father
Did, does, and commands:
If Shiloh suffered,
To restore the breach;
It was because,
His Father suffers:
Giving Himself to His own.
He knew the cost:
Not energy of Will alone,
Or the pain of separation;
But the sore suffering,
That could only be God's;
In the developing,
And bringing to fruition,
The Divine God-life,
In the individual soul;
An agony still renewed.
The suffering Yeshua endured,
Was that of the Father,
From the foundations;
Reaching it's appointed climax,
In the person of His Son:
God provides the Sacrifice;
The Sacrifice is Himself.
He is always,
And has ever been,
Sacrificing Himself to and for
His beloved creation:
It lies in the very essence
Of His Creative Act.


He who trusts
In the Living God,
Can understand;
He whose mind
Is set at ease
In the Risen One;
Will quickly discover:
The many worries,
And cares of life
That ring, and resound,
Across your mind,
At any given moment;
Or but hold, and wait,
Until your head lays,
Weary, on sleep's pillow;
To leap upon you,
Thwarting all rest:
These; all of these;
Are but the minions
Of the Strongman,
Seeking for weakness;
And feverishly sucking,
At the wellspring
Of your life.

A Cosmic Agony

The whole of history,
Is a cosmic agony:
Of creation, conspiracy,
Rebellion, degeneration,
And restoration;
Purposed, to avail
Divine and eternal life,
To fallen, finite man;
Created in the image,
And spiritual likeness,
Of the Lord of Hosts.
The outcome of this struggle:
The victory of that redemptive,
And again creative energies
Of Almighty God;
Will be a radiant life,
Whereof joy unspeakable,
Is the bespangled flower.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rest Indeed

To seek His face;
And to acquiesce,
In His sacrifice;
To humbly partake,
In the Pascal feast,
At the table of God;
To take up His yoke,
And meekly bear it;
To place a hand,
Over thy will;
And cast thy bow
Into the dust:
This is rest indeed,
For the weary soul;
And peace of mind,
From the God of Peace.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Short Word

God is Life:
Eternal Life;
And death,
Cannot live,
In His sight;
For death,
Is corruption,
And has no
In itself;
Living only
In the decay,
Of the remains,
Of life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ragnarok : The Destiny of the Gods

It all started when they discovered a Hole in the Earth's Magnetic Field.
Then there was the Norway Spiral.
More recently the South Pole's Magnetic Field completely disappeared for a time, as shown by the Canadian Vandal, which may be the smoking gun of global warming that some are looking for since heat breaks down magnetism this is obviously not a normal fluctuation.
Now their are Forest Fires in Russia and China burning out of control followed by an absurdly freakish Apocalyptic Thunderstorm pounding Finland and unexplained Harmonic Tremors stirring Yellowstone Super Volcano.
It has begun.
Ragnarok is on the way and as one scientist recently said, "It's an irreversible situation."
What am I talking about?
Cosmology, Mythology, Eschatology, Global Warming, Earth Science and, really, life in general for everyone on the planet.
Everything is about to change.
Whether you are an Atheist or Religious to the core, you can casually read through the Norse Mythology and see the Earth Changes presented there as the harbingers of the Apocalypse and scientists as well as the religious are in agreement on this regardless of how much they may bicker about the details.
What I am mostly talking about, however, is the deterioration of the earth's magnetic field, as mentioned above, long before the model predicts it and certainly before 2012 AD, which will lead to a Pole Shift.
The Hole in the Magnetic Field is allowing the northern portion of the earth's crust, and core, to heat up more then normal and more then the South Pole and this imbalance due to the global thermodynamics of the planet will deteriorate the magnetic field to the point that it will Flip the Earth's Core, followed by the Magnetic Field and then the Planet itself shortly thereafter.
And we can see that the northern portion of this planet is indeed heating up and there is a very good possibility that the next time the South Pole's Magnetic Field drops to zero, the poles will flip resulting in society being plunged back into the era of the cave man, literally, overnight.
Then the finer points of Ragnarok will begin.
The Myths say it starts out with a winter that lasts for three years and this is easily understood knowing that the pole shift will cause global volcanism to occur plunging the moon and sun into darkness and cooling the planet down for that period of time during which, of course, mankind will be in the every man, or race, for themselves mode as also described by the myths, which are also, noticeably, very similar to the specific details given in the Bible for the same period of time, with the waves of the sea roaring as described by both and men's hearts failing them for fear for the things that they see coming upon the earth and the powers of heaven and earth being shaken which is also recalled by the name Ragnarok itself which literally means the destruction of the powers that be.
Don't take it personally.
But, ready or not, here it comes.
Pure Chaos...


Ambition, in every shape
That it presents itself;
Has to do with things,
Giving external advantage,
For the satisfaction of
Self - worship;
It is that form of pride,
Which usurps the rightful
Place of aspiration,
To godliness and salvation.
Yet it is nursed and cherished,
In many a soul,
That thinks itself devout;
Filling it with petty cares,
And life's disappointments;
That swarm like bees,
Around a fallen hive;
And shut out,
The Glory of God.

Trith Is One

Truth is one;
He who does the Truth,
In the small things,
Is of the Truth;
He who will do it,
Only in a great thing;
Who postpones,
The small thing near him,
Where need is high;
To do the great thing,
Farther from him;
For the eyes of man;
Is not of the Truth.

Monday, August 9, 2010


The final end,
Of our separation
From all of Heaven;
Is not simplicity,
And the self-identity,
As some have taught:
These are but roads
We are made to travel.
On this journey,
The final end;
Is oneness .......
A oneness with Him,
Who is Life;
And the well source,
Of all being.
This is not possible,
However, without identity;
For there can be,
No unity of love;
No sympathy of grace;
No harmony in being;
Where there is but one.
Two, at the very least;
Are needed,
For Oneness of Life;
And the greater the number,
The richer the union.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


At the draw,
Of a coarse grained,
And spotted day;
As I fall heavily,
Before the table
Of the Lord;
Sighing keenly,
For the lost flower
Of blamelessness;
And quivering,
At an impure lip.
'Oh Lord', I moaned;
'At times, Thy purity
Flees from me;
Like a fleeting vision
Of the night;
Whispering sharply,
From the periphery.
Create in me,
A new heart;
Renew Thy spirit
Within me;
And restore unto me,
The joy of my
Suddenly, do I feel
His healing touch;
And my soul is suffused
With Holy emotion;
The tides rise high;
Tumultuous torrents of joy
Knock loudly,
At the floodgates
Of my heart;
And burst forth
Upon my tongue,
As songs of
Seemingly joined,
By every element
Of His creation,
In a choral medley
Of rapturous praise!
Who is like
Unto Thee, Oh Lord?
Or to Thy faithfulness
Round about Thee?


In fervent,
Impassioned prayer,
Are we regathered,
In soul and spirit;
From the many fancies
That bewilder us;
And the distractions,
That dissolve us
Into the dust
Of the world.
Here, we are collected,
Into His peace;
Into His power;
And into His wisdom:
We gain a heart,
Resolved to any fate;
Because we rest;
Secure, and quenched,
In the gladsome arms,
Of the Living God.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Fearful

The fearful pray,
Driven by need;
Rather than,
Kindled by grace:
Their prayer,
Is but a cry
Into the unknown;
Not a hymn,
To the Risen Savior;
It is a quest
For treasure;
Not a walk
Of fellowship.
It sputters,
More than it fires:
Denying the very power
It seeks;
For they know
The Father,
Only by the precepts
Of men;
Not by the surrender
Of life.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Praying Personality

The praying personality,
Has an eternal value for God,
As an end in itself.
Prayer is the Divine fullness,
Of life's time and course;
The one gift bestowed;
That abides with more power,
In death than in life.
The intercessions of our Lord,
Before the Throne of Heaven;
Are the continuity,
And the consummation,
Of His work on earth:
To freely share in it,
To prayerfully partake,
In His redemptive burden,
Even in our imperfect ways,
Is the true meaning,
Of praying in the Spirit.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Answerer

The native speech,
Of all creation,
Is prayer:
We pray,
We were made,
For prayer;
It is the central act,
Of the soul:
God draws us out;
By breathing Himself in.
We are never
So right with Him,
In any thing we do;
As we are in prayer:
Having nothing;
Praying for everything;
We possess all things.
When He comes;
Ever so softly,
Ever so lightly,
Uniting in our prayer;
He brings in all,
That He has assured:
For the complete answer,
To all prayer;
Is the Answerer.

A Springtide Of Invigoration

Prayer blossoms
Into full flower;
When it lifts
My pleading soul,
To be more attentive,
And more sure,
Of the Gift,
Than of the need;
Of the grace,
Than of the failure.
I can but sigh,
In mortal submission:
"I am Yours,
If You will";
And when He wills;
My bidding prayer,
Is transformed,
Into a springtide
Of invigoration,
With the full
Light and Life,
Of My Risen Savior.