Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Matthew 6; Ensnared

Terrorism. global warming, natural disasters, the economy .....troubles ahead.....worry, fret, stress; the constant struggle to keep survive. This is modern reality for the vast majority of the American population. We are constantly sensually bombarded; seem perpetually connected; almost universally psychoanalyzed; and thoroughly medicated.

We are ensnared on all sides by a failing economy; by a bloated, overaggressive government; by a culture in convulsion. All seems to be in constant flux: truth and values are either cast aside or rewritten to suit the current mood.

Today is the climax of the Babylonian system devised and implemented to enslave us all. We must now choose: either continue to ride the beast to whatever end is in store; or, WE CAN COME OUT.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all your needs shall be added unto you. Take no thought for tomorrow - rest in the Lord and find true freedom from the continuing din, clatter. and corruption that so beleagers us.

The choice is yours, my friend; and one which will have to be made soon I fear.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Matthew 6; The Light of the Body is the Eye.....

The eye is the lamp of the body, an entrance to the soul, a pathway to the spirit. If thine eye be single mindedly focused on our Lord and His affairs, Thy soul will burn with holiness and your spirit shall shine with the Glory of God.

Peter could walk upon the water only so long as he kept his eye fixed on Jesus. It was not until he took his eye off the Lord, in concern for conditions around him, that he began to sink.

Darkness, is simply the absence of light. Spiritual darkness is a malevolant, predatory evil. It beguiles, it ensnares, and it betrays..........

                                                   The evil eye soars

                                               As the falcon in the clouds

                                                     To find prey below.


           It was not a dream,
When you thought of me the other night.
           I was there,
Standing by you as you awoke.
           I was there.
     You looked up at me
Glanced at the clock - it was four o seven;
           For I was there.
We wept for a season, you and I;
           We knew I could not stay.

            All alone; so very alone.
So many mistakes, so much foolishness,
     I cannot forget; I cannot forgive;
           I will never live it down.
Desperation and  Agony
     to the marrow of my soul;
           I will never live it down.
To whom can I turn? Where do I find succor?
It is you I have failed, for it was you.
           Only you,
     Who believed in me.

I am lost .......... Afraid,
           Aimlessly drifting.
How shall I escape this donjon of despair?
           I shall not, I fear.

     The leaguer is ablaze --
           The appointed time is nigh.
Enter the rock and hide in the dust.
           For the time has come.

The shields of his mighty men are colored gule,
     Mounted warriors are dressed in sable;
The night is enveloped in flashing steel
           As they prepare to march
"Harness the horses and get up ye horsemen
     Don the brigandines and brandish thy cypress spears!"

The chariots shall rage through the streets
           and the broad ways;
They shall run to and fro as lightning flashes.
     Destruction and desolation through flaming torches.
Cocophonies of miseries through shrouds
           of murray hue.

Enter the rock and hide in the dust;
           For alas, the time is at hand.