Monday, May 26, 2014


The eyes,
Rest in darkness:
Laying up capacity,
Yet eroding vision;
Old things seen
Be no longer true,
Creation vents, unaware
On a dull,
Effeminate age;
Myths of imagination,
Shaded and softened
Like the slow
Crushing of amber,
The measured stoking
Of defilement,
Kindles a flame
It cannot subdue:
He looks away
To see anew
And the peace
Of ages fades
Into the smoke.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

East of Eden

East of Eden,
He had dreamed
His dreams;
There was rest
In the wilderness:
Taught by the breeze,
And the mountain,
To bathe in that
Deep, and mighty silence,
That spreads itself
Beyond the noise of man:
The details of
Banquet and blood:
Of an encounter
Beneath the gloom,
And a confluence, swift,
With the executioner;
Amid the flickering 
Of the lights above,
Strike us still
With a shudder,
That lets the peace
Of lonely places,
Sink with benediction
On their souls:
For you know;
Things seen
Within narrow walls
Assume a dreadful bulk
Which we can never see
Until it finds us out.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Dragon Ascends

The dragon ascends
On the thermals of chaos,
And the winds of wrath.

Eyes of malison,
Cold...grim, as the grey wolf,
Scan the horizon.

Seeking prey below,
With cold heart, and bloody hand,
Shield answers to shaft.

A voice like thunder,
Impaled on pain's own blade;
A blast of trumpets.

Now the ravens sing;
On the eve of carrion,
And heavy hand play.

Hoarsely barks the crow;
Warm blood upon his feathers
From the fallen one.

Here he lies, alone;
For stone dead has no fellow:
Dry bones waste away.