Friday, March 14, 2014

The Quiet

The quiet, is
A realm within,
That is me,
Not me,
And greater
Than me.
Here He speaks
In a breath of silence:
Like the coming
Of a gentle breeze;
But always in a stillness,
That is grander
Than me;
Envelopes me;
And finally calls, to
That deeper truth,
Of the full moment
That is close within me;
So now, in quiet,
The knowing
Is so simple,
And so clear;
His silence surrounds;
In it, do all things
Display their depth;
And here, I find,
I am but a part
Of the depths of
All around me; and
When my silence within,
Comes to savor, and value
The silence that envelopes,
I will have entered,
Into the very
Heart of prayer;
When the two connect:
Silence into silence;
I am lifted into
The Mind of Christ:
For He is to be found
Only in the depths;
And in the depths,
It is always silent.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Let us proclaim the name of the Lord boldly in the face of this assault. It is not by silence, but by fearless expression that we is not by drifting with the tidal flows of culture, but by endurance in the Truth that we claim our stake.......for our sacrifice here will be the blood-food for a new luxuriousness.......this Truth will be sustained and enriched only by expression, endurance, and is the Way of Christ.